Future Haunts

by Library Siesta

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released November 16, 2015

Library Siesta are Breanna Jones, Eva Koumi, Spike Thomson and Paul Macadam
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Hochman in Sydney
Mastered by Sam Wilkinson
Art by Breanna Jones
All songs written and performed by Library Siesta

Special thanks to: Sylvain Coantic, Luke Calarco, Ben Revi, Amy Ward, Chris Eyre, Dan and Nel McNulty, Tim Steward, Kellie Lloyd, Jonathan Hochman, Sam Wilkinson, Jez, Matt Sitas, Zoe Chan, Scott Mercer, all our friends and family, the people of Redfern – especially Craig Frazer and Aimee Hintsanen – for putting up with our rehearsals every Sunday, everyone who booked us shows, came to them, gave us couches to sleep on and partied at our house gigs.



all rights reserved


Library Siesta Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Hey, I'm Sleepwalking Here
I’m not quite where I think I am
But I must be near
I’m walking into walls that
Shouldn’t be here

Hey I’m sleepwalking here

I wish someone would tell me
What’s the deal
Because I’m caught between two worlds and I don’t know
Which one is real

Hey I’m sleepwalking here
Track Name: Natalie Wood
Yesterday I read an article
About an old woman from Surry Hills
Who lay dead in her house for eight years
Before anyone realised she’d disappeared
They say her name was Natalie Wood, and
She did everything she could
To avoid ever leaving her home
When they found her she was nothing but dentures and bones

She lived in that house all her life
Saw the inner city become gentrified
Now her land is serious property
So distant relatives fight for her money

Can’t remember when I last opened my front door
I’m a lot like her but I’m a lot more poor
So I’ll never be like Natalie
Because at least my landlord would look for me
Track Name: This Life
All my heroes were dirt poor
So I’m okay sleeping on floors
But this life is such a bore
Yeah it’s not what I asked for

I make my way
Back to the store
I trade it in
For something more

I fall in love with everyone
Then I shut them out one by one

I make my way
Back to the store
I trade them in
For something more
Track Name: My Valentine
God damn you’re looking fine my valentine
And yeah I’d kiss you if I had the time

Just wanna stare at the ceiling
Because I’m too tired for feelings

You ask how come I’m so numb
Well I work so much it’s left me blind, deaf and dumb

Well I’ve lost my will today
So I’ll just do whatever you say
Yeah you can have it all your way

I feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes
And I’m scared I’ll lose my valentine
Track Name: Diazepam
I hit the town and it hit me right back
When will this city cut me some slack?
Because I’ve been feeling shit for so many days
Guess everyone here just ends up this way

You call me up say it’s been way too long
And we both pretend like nothing’s wrong
Because the saddest people wear the biggest smiles
And ours go on for fucking miles

Takes hold of me
Won’t you give me a hand?

Heart so loud can’t hear the brain think
The ocean’s half full but we’re still going to sink
My future haunts me like a grey black cloud
And the past is the only thing I look forward to now

I’m at the end of my rope and I’m walking on a wire
Now I’ve lost my mind so I’m handing out flyers, saying:
‘Last seen on Redfern St
If you find it I’ll give you a piece’
Track Name: Je Suis Louise
Walking alone among the tapestries
This heart is such heavy load to heave
So why do I wear it on my sleeve?

If you can’t be here with me
I’ll live inside my own memories
Don’t know what I’m moving towards
Because time goes backwards now instead of forwards

Each night I talk to death
Because he’s all that I’ve got left
And we laugh until I’m out of breath

Je suis Louise
Louise de Lorraine
Track Name: Sorrows
Well I drank to drown my sorrows
But the damn things learned to swim
So I thanked them for teaching me how to
Dive right in

I tried to catch them with a hook and line
I tried to bottle them up
But it was all a waste of time
So I gave up
And I closed my eyes and I laid down
And waited for the end
And soon my sorrows became
My only friends

Then I found someone who made me happy
But my sorrows just him sad
Maybe one day they’ll swim away
And he’ll come back

Maybe he’ll come back
Track Name: Ghosts
Head out to a show
Twenty friends said they’d go
But now there’s no one here at all that you know
Bar’s filled with ghosts
Completely engrossed
In this band who came down here from the Central Coast

New sounds from the tombs
Of inner west bedrooms
Give the living something new to consume
Tilly Devine
Has a real good time
Now that going out is a crime

The ghosts all shout
You can’t lock us out
We’re going to show the living what life’s about
The city comes alive
Only when you die
So I can’t wait to say my goodbyes

Bar’s filled with ghosts
Making the most
Of this band who sound a little bit like Best Coast
Track Name: Parramatta Rd
Middle class life
As a suburban housewife
Is all very well and fine
But going downtown
To buy a wedding gown
Well it’s never been a dream of mine

Dresses white as snow
In the shop fronts of Parramatta Rd
If I’m down near Leichhardt
I’d rather try on the guitars

White weddings
As happy endings
Are best left in story books
Because love’s not defined
By some paper you’ve signed
Or how pricey your dress looks

Dresses white as snow
In the shop fronts of Parramatta Rd
I’d rather be next door
Trying on a Princeton Reverb from ‘64
Track Name: I Swear I Can Fly
Went walking in the woods and I climbed the tallest tree that I’d ever found
And when I got to the top I jumped off I didn’t touch the ground
No I flew, flew, flew around

Next day when I went to school I told all my friends that I could fly
So at recess in my checkered dress I climbed up really, really, really, really high
Then I fell from the sky

Now I’m in the hospital with my broken arms and knees
And I know I can never show anyone my ability
Because it only works when no one sees

Now every night I go back to woods and I climb that tree
And it’s no lie I swear I can fly just ask the birds and the bees
They’ll tell you what you can’t see

No one believes me