Something To Remember Us By

by Library Siesta

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released March 15, 2014

Library Siesta is Breanna Jones, Eva Koumi, Sylvain Coantic and Paul Macadam. The amazing Ben Revi played bass on track 1. He also recorded and mixed tracks 1 + 3 and mastered everything. We love him very much. We’re also grateful to Wes Hobbs for recording and mixing track 2 and recording the drums on track 1. Also a massive thank you to our friends in the feral children choir: Ben Revi, Ali Herson, Spike Thomson, Art Rush and Amy Ward.

Art work by Breanna Jones.



all rights reserved


Library Siesta Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: (I Wanna Meet) Ben Lee
I wanna meet Ben Lee

He's as rock 'n' roll as a fruit drink
But I don't care what anyone thinks
'Cause I prefer juice over whiskey

And when shove come to push
Buying his records doesn't mean you're a wuss
Yeah, I wanna meet Ben Lee

I wanna meet Ben Lee

All the cool kids say he’s lame
And the best thing he did was Clare Danes
And hang out with Thurston Moore in ‘93

So fuck those hipster tools
'Cause I actually think he’s pretty cool
Yeah I wanna meet Ben Lee

Shirtless, Naked, Birthday Song
When did it start going wrong?

I wanna meet Ben Lee
Track Name: Elves & Trolls
I don't want anything
Except for you to
Hold my hand and be my friend

I don’t care who you are
If you give me a smile then I will give you my heart and
Isn’t that enough for something good to start?

We could be the best of friends
If you just let me in then I could solve all of your problems
If you just let me in

I just want to love and be loved

I'm an elf and you're a troll
That's just how we roll
Track Name: Feral Children
Feral children at the park
They are swearing their heads off
It's a sunny afternoon
They're skipping school today
And what would they do with an education anyway?

Can't go over them
Can't go under them
Can't go around them
Have to go through them